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DX CallTimeFreqSpotter
TA1ED 23-Jul 2002Z 50314.19A5CW
TA1D/3 23-Jul 2002Z 50314.09A5CW
PA3CAU 23-Jul 2002Z 7074.0VK7AC
DG2BRT 23-Jul 2002Z 28075.0F4IAA
PA3CAU 23-Jul 2001Z 7074.0VK7AC
IZ4EKI 23-Jul 2000Z 28075.0F4IAA
IW6CAE 23-Jul 2000Z 7074.0IK8IOO
PV8RR 23-Jul 1959Z 18101.0IU7BPL
N1A 23-Jul 1959Z 14074.0K5ATG
DF9MM 23-Jul 1958Z 28075.0F4IAA
IK4LZH 23-Jul 1958Z 18101.0IU7BPL
VE2VF 23-Jul 1958Z 14074.0K4YRK
9A6NDZ 23-Jul 1956Z 14074.9EA5INF
TA1BM 23-Jul 1956Z 50313.0DL4MFF
OE6JCG 23-Jul 1956Z 28075.0F4IAA
PY5HOT 23-Jul 1956Z 10136.0HA5CPN
JJ1DJW 23-Jul 1956Z 10136.0DL1GLO
E77DD 23-Jul 1955Z 18100.0IZ4FVW
F6ARS 23-Jul 1955Z 14074.0K4YRK
JN7DOS 23-Jul 1954Z 10137.4F8NHF
4K6FO 23-Jul 1954Z 3574.7EA1AT
HB9LFQ 23-Jul 1953Z 28075.0F4IAA
N1A 23-Jul 1953Z 7074.0WS6K
5B4AMM 23-Jul 1953Z 10136.0HA5CPN
IW6CAE 23-Jul 1953Z 7074.0IW6CAE
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6781 23-Jul 1800Z
6782 23-Jul 1500Z
6782 23-Jul 1200Z
6782 23-Jul 0900Z